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Hope The Falcons And Smith Have The Same Results As The Dogs And Richt


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Both Smith and Richt have had the same strength that can become a problem- they're extremely loyal: to players, coaches, ideas. Smith held onto the line coaches too long, Richt, his DC.

Smith got rid of the line coaches, Richt got rid of his DC.

Ga's D just tore up Clemson tonight, the new coordinator brought a new fierceness to the D-Clemson didn't make a 1st down in the second half.

If the new line coaches instill a new attitude in the lines for the Falcons, same type of transformation can happen- suddenly, what was a weakness becomes a strength.

Along with an infusion of talent on both lines for the Falcons, Cox and Tice bring a new passion to the team- we've seen glimpses of it in preseason and Hard Knocks. I'm looking forward to both lines being a strength of the Falcons this year.

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