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Any Surprises For You In The Latest Cuts?

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Amsterdam is hurt. He should be an easy stash on practice squad. Tyler Starr has not shown anything yet Falcons should expose him to waivers as well and re-sign him if they still believe in him. I doubt another team will sign him.

As I posted in another thread....I see potential in Starr. That alone is probably not enough for him to make the team but I'm hoping he makes PS.
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No out right surprises. I am disappointed that Hagens and Martino were cut. I think both are quality PS guys.

Ten cuts remain. If there is a surprise cut, which one would surprise you the most?

I think that Bierman and Konz are candidates for the Turk, but Bierman has his supporters, so I am predicting that Konz will get cut.

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Bierman would surprise me because I think Nolan likes him a lot. I'm not as down on him as some on this board are either. Konz would surprise me because I don't know if TD is ready to admit he was a mistake.

Yeah, but would cutting Konz hurt the team?

The Patriots draft and cut better than any team I know. You draft the guys you thing can make your team better. But, hey, if they don't make the grade, move on.

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I'm incredibly surprised that Jordan Mabin got cut. He was, BY FAR, our best coverage CB this preseason, and Tru and Alf looked really sub-par compared to last year. You'd think we'd want as much talented depth as possible.

I was hoping that he would make it over Wilson.

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I believe Ricardo Allen has essentially been a priority developmental guy...... Fact is that he hasn't shown nearly enough to believe he can contribute this year.

Granted, he's not been giving a lot of snaps with the first unit, but still, he's still largely an unknown.

If he makes the 53, it's strictly to make sure he doesn't get snatched up and claimed off waivers ala William Middleton in 08, who turned into a nice lil player. We want to protect the right to development.

The issue arises when you factor in that Lowery is fragile and Southward is still relatively unknown due to injuries and as a result, we may need to keep 5 safeties.

Can we really justify keeping 11 DBs???

I think DL is a bit easier. If we simply count Osi as an OLB instead of DL, we find room for Travian at NT and roll with Kroy, Osi, Mass, and Maponga at OLB. Start and Jacques seem safe bets to make it through waivers.

PUP Peters and hold on to Cliff another few weeks and push that decision down the road. If Peters was healthy and certain to play against NO, I think Cliff would be gone already. He has no PS eligibility to consider. Only reason to hold on to Cliff at this point is as insurance for Peters.

Also, I think some OL has some surprises in store... Carimi is the only backup who I feel confident predicting is safe. Gunn is the next closest, given his first team run and respectable showing. Stone is still around.... He didn't really flash in preseason, so you wouldnt think he'd be a huge risk to lose on waivers, yet he is still here....that doesn't bode well for Konz. And then you have Terren Jones and Schraeder.....

I don't think we keep 10.

In my account, that would make our backups



Konz or Stone---- I say Stone, if Konz let it be this close......

Jones or Schraeder - Jones' ability to HANDLE defenders is fricking delectable lol. Schraeder is more game ready, although athletically more limited.

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