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Memo To Smitty - Urgent

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Coach, we have had you here for several years now, and while you have lifted this team up from the dregs of the downtrodden, past accomplishments were paid for last year. While our desire for you to remain the Coach of Choice for the Falcons, we MUST have more!

Smitty my friend, you are an intelligent and quite affable person, so it pains me greatly to have to say what must be said...but to that end, here it is - Effective Sunday, 09/07/2014 a favorable outcome to the Saints vs. Falcons game for our team, is paramount to your continuing in your present position. Should you come up short and lose to Sean, I will have no choice but to terminate the employment of Thomas D. and elevate you to GM, thus giving the Coaching reigns to Tice, this I am sure you would not desire.

Smitty, Let your conscience be your guide, your desire to succeed as a "Head Coach" and your relationship with Thomas guide your desire to "Give me my due", or else we will meet in the not so friendly confines of my office on Monday, 09/08/2014, to celebrate your promotion and the departure of Thomas.

With Best Wishes,

Arthur B. (You know, your employer)

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