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Maybe I Am Just A Blind Homer And We Are Just Ok Compared To Others


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I have just always believed what I am told and lived in Atlanta most of my life. I can't imagine being a Buc or Saint fan even if I lived in Tampa or god forbid New Orleans.

Maybe just maybe I am a homer to a fault and every year I see or roster and 1st string play, I think ****, we are gonna be great this year. Some years yeah and others naw.

Take this years team, I just figured with the free agent moves and all the great free agent acquisitions we would steam roll and then I see us play just ok last night.

I thought we would smoke the rest of league.

Sigh, it is great to be a part of these boards and geek up and believe every year and then again it sucks to realize maybe we are better than average.

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People really need to ignore any part of the game while Yates was in. He had like 5 passes for 5yds. He was beyond terrible, then you add in the refs horrific calls and we had no chance. The poor 2nd and 3rd D held up as long as they could. They did well to start but got ran down from Yates' and the refs determination to keep them on the field.

Guys never had a chance.

Then of course as soon as Renfree comes in we magically start moving the ball again.

Yeah, we played well last night. A few miscues and mistakes by the 1st team but that is exactly what preseason and the dress rehearsal game is for.

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