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When Psl's Hit I'm Out After 16 Years

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Both have their advantages but trust me, there aint nothing like being in that Dome with 70K. Weren't you sitting behind me and Falconidae at the 2012 ARI game? That game sucked in person. It had to suck more on TV.

Yeah I was there. That was a horrible game that ended with success, still don't know how lol. I normally attend at least 1 a year.

I wasn't dissing his post or anything. Just giving a non sth point of view lol

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I think to simpliy what I was trying to get across to Big_Dog, if you love the game day experience, in and around the Dome, or whatever it will be called in 2017, you'll love it no matter whether your sitting in Lower Prime or Upper Endzone.

Just as you do, ya_boi_j, while sitting at home with friends.

As an aside, i was paying mid $30 for lower level corner seats in the late 90s to early 2000s, whereas I pay $39 per game for Upper Endzone now. $780 per year for two seats isn't too bad at all to have as much fun as I currently have....Of course, it's much better when we win...:-0

I wasn't saying anything bad at all if that's what you assumed.
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Can we end this thread yet. It doesn't matter if you are at the dome or chilling at home watching on a TV. As long as you support the team spending money or not you're cool with us.

some around here think spending money makes you a real fan compared to the rest. I wanna say Brandon_dell is one of them who said that last season.
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My biggest problem with the way it seems the Falcons are going to do it is STHs are not getting the true benefit of a personal seat license. A PSL had worthy value when it gives the buyer a chance to buy tix for their seat to other events. Absent that perk, a PSL is just a spike in prices. A STH already has a chance to renew their same seats for the next season, that isn't a PSL added value.


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