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My Biggest Take Away From Hard Knocks E3

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The Biermann discussion was a big take away for me.

I was surprised when the coach called Biermann the unquestioned leader and seemed to kiss his butt.

I never thought Biermann earned that type of respect based on his body of work.

He was talking to him like he was JJ Watt.

Naw, that's just the "shitt sandwhich." Notice whenever the coaches are telling a player they F'd up, they always surround it with something positive. It's just a spoon full of sugar to make the medicine go down. Like when Tice was saying, "You'll be ok, you'll be fine, you got like a bull in a China shop and lost your technique sometimes, you'll be fine." The real message was, "You lost your technique, don't F-ing do that." It was "coated" in a whole bunch of "you'll be fine."

The Kroy conversation, translated into its real meaning, is, "Hey man, I noticed that you were not up to snuff, and I want to make sure you know that I noticed it, and you need to get that shitt together." All the other stuff was just "sugar" to help it go down.

Cox is the only one I've seen break this rule, and only once I can think of. When he said, "I'm tired of telling you this. If you ain't gonna listen to me, then good luck." But even Cox follows it most of the time.

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My biggest takeaways:

-300 yards wiped out by penalties. Free and Tone got robbed

-I had it right in my offseason retooling plan. Cut Beirmann

-Harry Dougle bowls better than he plays football. Still lost to Julio though

-Eat yo Wheaties Free

-The curse word of the month is Fck. Used at least 57 times

-We got beat in all four phases of the game: Offense, Defense, Special Teams and Coaching

-Yates needs to go back to HOU and give his spot to Renfree who I like a lot

-Ryan finally took the sky arc off his ball

-If we are gonna pull and trap we better do it faster

-SJax catches better in a whirlpool than on a football field

-Julio is exploding out of his breaks again

-Bruce Matthews looks worried. I am too

-Boldavine deserves a practice squad spot

-BCox is the star of the 2014 Hard Knocks show

-Blue 80 set hut

-I kinda feel sorry for Sackmaker but he sucks

-36 for HOU is an as beater

-Daley plays a ukelele about as well as Dougle scores TDs

-The Clown is legit

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