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Is Ls Harris Worth Roster Spot?

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I understand we need a long snapper, and it is generally a specialize position...however we have others on the roster that have filled that role in college, (ie: Matthews and Konz)...so do we still carry Harris? I have him on my projected roster....it's simply a question. Regardless, we are going to have some very tough cuts in the very near future.

wow, Have your Franchise LT start at Long Snapper. R U 4 REAL?

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not carrying a long snapper - who's only job on the team is to practice snapping a football - is like not carrying a punter or a place kicker who's only job on the team is to kick footballs.

remember when mora jr. had koenen handle all kicking and punting duties? how'd that turn out? you don't carry an offensive lineman to also be reponsible for long snaps.

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This year it is harder than ever to predict the final 53 on the roster (which is a good thing). Anyone think these is any change that Long Snapper Josh Harris could be taking up a roster spot for someone more valuable? Couldn't Konz or Hawley be the designated long snapper?

With that said, I have him on the roster, but man....there are going to be some good/potentially good in the future, players missing this team!


Stone, James

Glover-Wright, Devonta

Mabin, Jordan

Eguae, Nosa

Matthews, Cliff

Agnew, Theo

Rumph, Donte

Hagens, Maurice

Daley, Brenden

Drakeford, Darin

Replogle, Adam

May, Walker

Mathews, Jeff

Smith, Jerome

Baker, Sean

Johnson, Tyrell

McFadden, Kimario

Jones, Terren

Pedersen, Jacob

Wozniak, Brian

Boldewijn, Geraldo

Ebert, Jeremy

Jones, Julian

Martino, Freddie

Sambrano, Jabin

Thompson, Tramaine


Robertson, Travian

Johnson, Mike

Maponga, Stansly

Smith, Jacques

Yates, T.J.

Vaughan, Josh

Pascoe, Bear

Roby, Courtney


Hawley, Joe

Konz, Peter

Alford, Robert

Allen, Ricardo

Arenas, Javier

McClain, Robert

Trufant, Desmond

Wilson, Josh

Biermann, Kroy

Goodman, Malliciah

Hageman, Ra'Shede

Jackson, Tyson

Massaquoi, Jonathan

Umenyiora, Osi

Babineaux, Jonathan

Soliai, Paul

Peters, Corey

DiMarco, Patrick

Asamoah, Jon

Blalock, Justin

Gunn, Harland

Bryant, Matt

Angerer, Pat

Bartu, Joplo

Dobbins, Tim

Shembo, Prince

Smallwood, Yawin

Starr, Tyler

Worrilow, Paul

Harris, Josh

Bosher, Matt

Renfree, Sean

Ryan, Matt

Freeman, Devonta

Jackson, Steven

Rodgers, Jacquizz

Smith, Antone

Ishmael, Kemal

Lowery, Dwight

Moore, William

Southward, Dezmen

Carimi, Gabe

Holmes, Lamar

Matthews, Jake

Schraeder, Ryan

Shuler, Mickey

Toilolo, Levine

Douglas, Harry

Hester, Devin

Jones, Julio

Reedy, Bernard

White, Roddy

Davis, Drew

IR: (Don't Count Towards Final 53)

Spruill, Marquis

Weatherspoon, Sean

Baker, Sam

Motta, Zeke

I agree with most of this but I bet they keep more than two TE's. Probably Pascoe and Pederson to the PS. I'm also curious about what Martino can bring to the table.

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FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Although Steven Jackson's workload continued to be limited to drills on a side field, the Atlanta Falcons running back keeps progressing in his recovery from a left hamstring injury.

Coach Mike Smith didn't rule out having Jackson back in the mix for some preseason action, but the target all along has been the Sept. 7 season opener against the New Orleans Saints.

"Steven is working and has increased his workload with the athletic performance people," Smith said. "He's come out and done back workouts. ... We're encouraged by what he has done over on that side with the athletic performance crew."

Smith said he wouldn't count out Jackson playing in the final exhibition at Jacksonville (Aug. 28), but that game typically is a showcase for players on the bubble.

Smith also wouldn't speculate on Jackson's return to practice, although he pointed to how defensive tackle Corey Peters returned to the field sooner than expected coming off an Achilles' tear after the team thought Peters might not be ready for Week 1 of the regular season.

"It's going to depend on the individual in terms of how he feels," Smith said, referring to Jackson. "And once the doctor gives him the clear to go, then he'll go."

  • Injury update: Smith said left tackle Sam Baker, who tore the patellar tendon in his right knee Saturday night, had surgery Aug. 20. "He's doing well," Smith said. "I haven't had a chance to talk with him, but I did get a report. The procedure went well." ... Smith said safety Zeke Motta will begin the season on the physically unable to perform list coming off neck surgery. That means Motta will miss the first six games of the season. But Motta's not expected to return in 2014. ... Offensive lineman Gabe Carimi remained sidelined with an ankle injury but is expected to play in the final preseason game at Jacksonville. ... TightMickey Shuler (concussion protocol) was not on the field Wednesday.
  • Backup plan: The Falcons want to have the backup quarterback position solidified following Saturday's exhibition. Based on Sean Renfree's somewhat steady play and T.J. Yates horrible outing in Houston, Renfree looks to be well in the lead. "I think he's done a nice job," Smith said of Renfree. "He and T.J. Yates are competing for our backup quarterback. Both of them will get an opportunity to play in the game this week as well." Smith said Renfree was able to stay involved mentally, despite suffering a shoulder injury last season and being on injured reserve. "When you can't do it, physically, you've got to keep these guys engaged, mentally," Smith said."
  • Practice squads: The NFL decided to add two more players to what was the eight-man practice squad. "We're very excited about adding two practice-squad players," Smith said. "The first thing it does is it gives (more) men an opportunity and a job, so I think all the players have got to be excited about that. For us, it gives us an opportunity to evaluate more players. It's all about development in this league. You're going to have injuries in this league. When you have two more players on your practice squad, you're going to get an opportunity to be very familiar with those [players]."
  • Extra points: Tight end Levine Toilolo was the last player to leave the practice field as he caught passes out of the Jugs machine. ... Special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong was rather vocal with the special teams unit at both the beginning and end of practice following a dismal showing thus far in preseason. ... Jake Matthews and Joe Hawley worked on some long-snapping after practice, maybe in case of an emergency situation. Josh Harris is the long-snapper. ...Receiver Courtney Roby remained away from the team as his wife gave birth in Indianapolis.

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i could see konz filling that role if he added it to his resume and practied it everyday, but it would take at least a year of daily practice bfore i trust him doing it in a game. but, if a center on the roster bubble learned to longsnap consistently, it could save their job

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