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Talking about the officiating Sat night vs HOU

If this is the way they're gonna call all season its gonna be frustrating. New points of emphasis are overkill IMO.

I know its not just that one crew or just the Falcons, its league wide. ATL had some picky calls against them, but then so did HOU, which worked to our benefit

Archer was spot on when he said the fans were not gonna like these new POE's and that they take the fun out of watching the game. Not to mention how much it slows down the game.

I hope they'll go back to letting them play full contact football!

On another note....how about the extra yardage on the FGA's? I saw some misses, so it def affected the games

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I was watching some game (I forget who) but it was **** near unwatchable with all the penalties.

The extra points is tricky because what if a team needs to go for two? Do you make them go from the 15 yard line? That would be near impossible. Would have to completely change the way you go for two.

Yes i wonder the same thing?

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