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Unpopular Opinions & Predictions--- Here Are Mine...what Are Yours?


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The OL is better but was is their ceiling? Average? We are one OL injury away from being bad again. Look at the 2nd stringers and tell me you want any of them playing a whole game or multiple games. Plus with basically 3 new players they need time to gel.

The run game will be improved. TE is much worse. No more 3rd down security blanket in TG. We don't even have a average starting TE this year. Toilolo hasn't shown anything that he can get 300 yards let alone 500. I have always been a fan of Harry but he is too inconsistent. He arguably cost us the NFCG, the '13 game he fumbled(Dolphins?) and the last 49 game. That is 3 games in 17. I don't believe Smith will actually get ASmith more snaps at least enough to matter. He talks a lot about doing things but in the end he sticks to his starter loyalty.

The LB's can't cover well. Nor do I have faith in our secondary outside of Trufant and Moore. Think about who we face this year. A.J. Green, Graham, Calvin, Marshall, Alshon, Cobb, 3 rookie first round WR's, etc. Any decent OC will find our weakness and exploit it all game.

Every fanbase right now is in hope mode. They believe they can win 10 games and make the playoffs. If you can step back from being a Falcon fan and actually compare our roster to other NFC teams without bias, we aren't a top team.

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Quizz is a third stringer

Konz is a back-up

Mass is a third stringer

defense isn't good anywhere except the interior line and CB's which is incomplete

Why do you think the CBs are incomplete? Also, I thought you were high on Worrilow and Bartu.

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The team will move to LA

The uniforms will be teal and pink

they will wear pink versions of the Billy "whiteshoes" Johnson hightops

they will win the SB their 1st year in LA

they will play on an open air dirt field

TG wioll come out of retirement to lead the SB winning team

Turner will be back at HB and HD will be #1 WR

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