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Seriously Confused

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I am a season ticket holder. I browse the site very often and post very rarely. When I do post, I try to post helpful information or ward off the obvious trolls. What I have noticed in the past couple of years is the following:

If an obvious troll starts a thread in order to get true fans riled up and angry:

a) It stays up for eternity

B) no retaliation from mods (if they exist???)

c) fans with no patience bite on the bait and feed into it

d) if a poster who posts information that is "helpful" to other true fans, it seems to "disappear"

Now I understand the fact that we cannot talk about s.t.r.e.a.m.i.n.g., but I live out of the country along with many fans. Unfortunately, the NFL does not provide access to the Sunday ticket to all providers WW. Therefore, I would not see the issue in talking about a website where someone in a country where the Sunday ticket is not available works/volunteers. However I understand someone from US to US, but I actually work in an industry with an intimate knowledge of satellites, their locations and capabilities. I find it very unfortunate that my comments on how to s.t.r.e.a.m. a game for someone who is performing charity work in SouthEastern Africa is deleted when there is not satellite service(and only internet-not cable supported Sunday Ticket), however people like Swift, Truth and every other trash D-bag on the planet can go for thousands of post, begin threads, and overall destroy the integrity of board with no repercussions.

Long story short, I am a season ticket holder who spends a lot of money annually on tickets, merchandise and concessions(a lot on concessions, I am a thirsty fella). I feel as if I represent 90% of this board. The other 10% is a group that is either fans of another team, too young to buy their own clothes or definitely too derelict to affect any income that the Atlanta Falcons depends on.

This being said, I expect that on a forward-going basis that the mods on this site either:

1) Pay attention and take care of these a$$hats (AKA ban, and not once every three months but daily!!!!!! that is

your job!!)

2) Stop depending on enough income from myself to be able to support a server for a Falcons website

I am sick of being a fan and coming on this forum only to see the Falcons being humiliated repeatedly while the only guys who get banned are the ones who retaliate.

I mean seriously, our Forum should do the same as the team is currently and try to get TOUGHER. That means you MODS. If you aren't up for it, then I will gladly pay a modest fee along with my season tickets each year in order to avoid coming our MY TEAM'S FORUM that I PAY FOR and see us repeatedly humiliated.

Stop worrying about Freedom of speech and all of the other rights for free citizens because the fact of the matter is that season ticket holders pay for ancillary benefits such as this Forum. Mr. Right, Shwifthead and any other Saints fan on here trolling have no rights, say or MONEY TO BE LOST BY THE FALCONS by enforcing a little pride.


Any real falcons fans disagree? I am just so sick of this crap. I pay too much money to be a laughing stock. We may not be able to control the bounce of the football, but we can control this board.

I'm out (drops the mic)

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LMAO ok whatever,

you making a post about 'going forward I expect the mods to......"

and those of us who are regular here are really going LOL, no, I mean it, really we are, because see, we've been here and seen what's went down. especially the last few weeks with a MAJOR cleanup and banning effort.

you're way out of line and one of the absolute worst trolls I've ever seen. I'm sure one of them will be cross checking your IP address before you know it ;)

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Any real falcons fans disagree? I am just so sick of this crap. I pay too much money to be a laughing stock. We may not be able to control the bounce of the football, but we can control this board.

I'm out (drops the mic)

Just how long did it take you to write your post?

I mean - a month ago, your post would have made perfect sense, but now?

Bankerbird cleaned house and Tuggle has been appointed new mod.

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FYI. You can buy NFL Sunday Ticket online to watch live over the Internet. You don't need cable, satellite, or anything else. Just Internet. And you don't have to be in the US.

but but but, he's a season ticket holder, I thought they were usually AT THE GAME???

maybe the mystery of why it takes most of the first quarter for the stands to fill has been solved!!! we have too many out of country season ticket holders and it takes them too long to get here!!!!! OHHHHH EMMMMM GEEEEEEEE, that has to be it

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