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Afmb Mobile Issues


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So I access these boards primarily from my phone. I've been having issues with it for about a month and was wondering if anyone had a similar problem.

The problem is that I increasingly have an issue with loading pages. I'll click on a forum and it won't load or takes way longer than it should. It isn't my phone because everything else works fine. It's just afmb. It just stops like a fat guy running up a hill.

I'm running Google Chrome. I got really annoyed with it and switched to Firefox for a while. At the beginning it was fine, but again I started having the same issues. So I switched back to Chrome, and for about 2 days it worked fine.

But bam. Now im back to dealing with a struggling message board. Any tips?

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Yeah I have issues with both. Today has been smooth as anything though.

I just figured these boards were pretty "heavy" for a system to operate.

Did the board go down this morning for everyone else? It said the server was down. Maybe they were fixing some of these issues because like I said, today it works great

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