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Steven Jackson Expected To Be Sidelined For 2 Weeks

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Per ESPN article. I scoped while reading the hard knocks review.


"Steven Jackson has embraced his leadership role among the running backs and seems to have the ear of the younger guys. And by the way, Jackson was expected to be sidelined two weeks from when he tweaked his left hamstring in camp (July 28)."

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So that puts him back on Monday. Even if he's out an extra week that still puts him back in time for the 3rd preseason game

Edit: ^ nvm. I guess at worst (4 weeks from the injury) still puts him back early enough to get some reps in the 4th preseason game if he feels it's needed. But definitely in time for week 1

Edit again: ^ that says 2013

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Personally, I just loved Gerald Brown's reaction to the news on Hard knocks: Weeks? and then Smith had to shh him, since he was on camera.

Haha, yeah... Brown wasn't happy to hear that S-Jax was going to miss 2 weeks. Smith was trying to assuage him by saying "at least Devonta gets more reps now," but I get the feeling Brown wasn't happy with Jackson missing all of that time last season.

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Cut this Diva

Why? He looks like a man amongst boys in physique compared to the other RB's. Let him heal as it appears, anyway, we just may have a line that can open a hole or two and there are few linebackers and zero DB's that want to meet head-on an untouched Steven Jackson coming through the line.

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