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Ra'shede Hageman May Not Have A Broken Wrist, Terren Jones Suffers Reported Concussion

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Clarity, you are a good friend of ours.

Last night, we received multiple reports that Ra'Shede Hageman had broken his wrist, news that was even more depressing in the face of the injuries to Terren Jones and Dwight Lowery.

At least, we may have some good news.

Teams will fight during training camp, but this is as good of a time as any to note that I hope the Falcons cut it out. Hageman was lucky his errant swing didn't cause a broken hand, and it would not be difficult for someone to throw a punch and break their hand on a helmet. I want this team to be as tough as possible, but I'm not sure a bunch of guys throwing haymakers in training camp is the way to get that done. Hageman, luckily, shouldn't miss much time at all...assuming this report is more accurate than the initial ones stating that he had a hairline fracture.

Jones, on the other hand, was involved in a scary situation. He was taken off the field and to a local hospital in an ambulance, and I think every Falcons fan feared a spinal injury. While it's hardly ideal, it does appear that Jones merely suffered a concussion, which is a giant relief considering the alternative. He'll go through the league protocol going forward.

All in all, it appears we have some better injury news today. Your thoughts

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