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The Schaudenfreude Thread


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For me, Atlanta only scoring 2 points in a playoff game against the Giants was one. Lord, I laughed and laughed and laughed.

But the one that REALLY got me was the absolute DEPANTSING that took place IN the Georgia Dome when Green Bay came into their house and completely pwned them. I mean, ALL I heard all season was how it was the Falcons' turn. The Saints had the #1 seed and won it all, now the Falcons had the #1 seed HFA and were gonna do it. The sense of entitlement was AMAZING. And in the divisional round, the Packers absolutely embarrassed them. I kept it on my DVR for MONTHS and watched it just for a pick me up every now and then.

Honorable mention goes to the Super Bowl loss to Denver and the Eugene Robinson fiasco. I wouldn't wish that part on any family but losing the game itself to the Legend of John Elway. Well, that's a horse of a different color. I celebrated as if the Saints won. LOLOL

Any 49er loss is bliss. Their misery is my joy. Ohhhhh man when they lost the Super Bowl to the Ravens, all of the fans crying because they had previously been perfect in their SBs, it was like Christmas and birthdays wrapped up in one. LOLOL. And for them to lose on a controversial call with their coach pantomiming the hold. DELICIOUS. LOLOL

That pick 6 right before halftime against GB was priceless

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