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Hawley Meet Hageman


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c705222874c6ddad097eb2f3e790261e_normal.jpegvaughn mcclure @vxmcclure23 · 30s

Hawley had to take a few minutes to collect him self. Hageman must have gotten him good in taking him to the ground .

c705222874c6ddad097eb2f3e790261e_normal.jpegvaughn mcclure @vxmcclure23 · 32s


c705222874c6ddad097eb2f3e790261e_normal.jpegvaughn mcclure @vxmcclure23 · 14s

Hageman threw punch at Hawleuly

c705222874c6ddad097eb2f3e790261e_normal.jpegvaughn mcclure @vxmcclure23 · 1m

Cliff Matthews feeling Bryan Coxs wrath today.

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Jesus Hageman chill out....

Really... Hageman is an emotional player but he needs to tone dat **** down a lil. Players like that have a hard time keeping their head in the game and he needs to quit it if he wants to be successful. Suh is the same way but dude is MUCH more polished so he can let himself go without losing focus.

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The Terren Jones incident was ugly. A play was ran and two lineman got into a scuffle. Terren Jones was laying on the ground and in the process of getting up whenever the two scuffling linemen fell on top of his back.

To Saints fans on SR,

It was not Hawley and Hageman who fell on Jones. That scuffle happened about 30 minutes before the Jones incident. Just clearing that up for you folks on SR who have trouble with reading comprehension! wink.png

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Smitty is sending mixed messages. He wants the team to be tougher but won't let them fight! Smitty is the problem. Let them hit each other, hurt themselves, and waste time so we can tank another season and get another high draft pick. angry.png

Yeah all the irrational folks from that thread got what they wanted.

/angry face

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