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Need Some Stat Help

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I have a friend, more like a brother, who is an Eagles fan. He seems to think we are just a dome team. I reply that you cant have 5 winning seasons, 4 of them having playoff appearances, 2 of them as the NFC number one seed.

I also reply that we have one of the fastest offenses in the league. We jump on opponents but Smittyball kills us most of the time. I referenced the Seahawks and NFC championship game against the 49ERS. He replies that we jump on teams in the done and not outside of it.

In short, i need stats from you stat gurus. Thanks in advance.

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Stat help Stats 99

I went duck hunting with a double barrel shotgun

I fired the first barrel and the shot went 6 inches above the duck

I fired the second barrel and the shot went 6 inches below the duck

Statistically that duck is dead--BUT there is no meat on the table

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