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Falcons Sign Dt Theo Agnew


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Camp body?


Q&A with GSU defensive lineman Theo Agnew

5:04 am August 10, 2012, by Doug Roberson

You fans, the Pantherratti, seemed to like my open call on twitter for Q&A subjects, so I did it again Thursday. Some of you wanted to hear from one of the new defensive linemen.

So, here is a Q&A with Theo Agnew, a Connecticut native who transferred from Massachusetts.

Agnew is listed at 6-4, 260 pounds. I’ll bet he’s up to about 280 right now. He’s big.

Agnew should start at defensive end, as long as the NCAA rules that he can. Because Georgia State is transitioning from the FCS to the FBS, there’s a chance the NCAA could rule that he isn’t eligible this year as a FBS-to-FBS transfer.

Agnew is well-spoken and seems to be performing well during the practices. The big question is will he be more like Christo Bilukidi, who transferred from Eastern Arizona and produced on the field, or A.J. Portee, who came in from Connecticut and didn’t have the expected impact. He was dismissed for violating team rules during the offseason.

Agnew had 36 tackles and a sack last year for the Minutemen. He started three games.

Q: One of the big questions everyone has is how did you end up in Atlanta from New England?

A: I had to move down into FCS because UMass is FBS. I wanted to go into a good conference and a lot of other schools in the CAA aren’t in the best locations. I chose Georgia State because they play top-level FCS opponents in the CAA and they have a great location as well.

Q: Is it hot enough for you?

A: I’ll tell you, it’s not like UMass at all. UMass hot isn’t like Atlanta hot. It’s just something we have to get adjusted to, me and the other transfers that aren’t from too-hot areas.

Q: What do you bring to the defense? What are your strengths?

A: I’ve been playing in the CAA for a few years now and in Coach Thomas and Coach Ward we’ve got great defensive line coaches and I feel as though my experience in the CAA and my size and my years – I’m a redshirt junior or a senior academically — I feel as though they can bring me and bring the defense to the next level. I just hope to contribute and do everything I can to help this Georgia State defense.

Q: Jets, Giants or Pats?

A: Giants. Because most of role models are on the Giants team. You’ve got Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and [former Giant] Michael Strachan and I do happen to be wearing No. 92, like Strachan. I’ve got a few UMass teammates on the Giants in Victor Cruz and Julian Talley so I’m definitely going with the Giants.

Q: The NCAA has yet to rule if you’re going to be able to play this year. If you could say one thing to the NCAA, what would it be?

A: I was really a victim of circumstance. My entire coaching staff got swept and the new guys up at UMass weren’t conducive to me and a lot of other guys. I just want to play ball. This isn’t some planned out strategic move. I just want to play good football and Georgia State is the place to do it at.

Here’s a Q&A with GSU running back Donald Russell.

Don’t forget Agnew’s Giants, with former GSU linebacker Jake Muasau, are playing tonight.

– Doug Roberson, AJC.

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so he tried out in May

Hot off the Wire news, rumors and tips

Falcons | Will try out 24 players at minicamp

The Atlanta Falcons announced 24 players who will receive a tryout during their rookie minicamp beginning Friday, May 16. The invited players include: CB LJ Jones (Fresno State), QB Danny O'Brien (Catawba), S Jestin Love (Central Arkansas), LB Keaton Stigger (Henderson State), C William Wright (West Georgia), S Javon Marshall (Vanderbilt), OG Brandon Heath (Delaware), DE Theo Agnew (Georgia), WR Lonnie Outlaw (Miles), LB Ethan Armstong (Wisconsin), PK Drew A. Basil (Ohio State), OT Kyle Koehne (Florida), WR Josh Ford (Kansas), LB Bryan Presume (Southern Illinois), CB Kadeem Wise (Tennessee-Chattanooga), DE Ryan Isaac (Purdue), RB George Winn (Cowboys), FB Braden Wilson (Chiefs), NT Byron Jerideau (Chargers) and OT Roderick Tomlin (Jaguars).

, DE Theo Agnew (Georgia)

Read more: http://www.kffl.com/...p#ixzz39ATgXTSx

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I'm not sure I understand this...do they think he's good enough to possibly beat out one of the players we currently have or is he just here simply to line up in practice and then we will cut him later?

replacement for Jerry when it comes to reps, if you have a rotation in place you don't want to double the workload on players to tire them out. The whole routine thing. Also decent chance for the player to show something and try to catch on the PS.

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I love how every player we pick up is "just a camp body" I bet everyone said that about PW and Bartu last year. Players make teams, we wouldnt just bring him in if they did not see any talent and potential.

he has the looks of just a camp body, with the potential to pass someone up and get either spot on the PS or if he blows everyone away a spot on the final 53. At this point in camp u bring in someone who is of interest to your team but you can't expect much from someone just signed of the street who doesn't know ur scheme or playbook, thus at this point they are just a camp body to fill a spot for the reserve to give others a rest, can he exceed this camp body status most definitely but as of now he just remains a camp body.
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**** I dont know how he replaces Jerry. The dude looks like a pure 3-4 DE (6'4 280 lbs and fit)

Maybe we were gonna use Jerry as a 3-4 DE? **** I dunno.............

You really don't know. It's was pretty obvious that Jerry was going to be a 3-4 DE. He even played DE last season of you actually watched.

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The most IMPORTANT thing to look for is............Is he a Football Player ?? Not a prima donna, not some hot shot from an elite conference that think's he's God, but a Football Player.

I trust our coaching staff............now in place..............to know the difference.

They obviously see what they want in this player or they wouldn't waste their time.

Good enough for me.

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