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I'm like.. in full fangirl mode right now..

I want to lick the sweat off of his face....



This is Cam Newton…all-access, unfiltered, in his voice.

"Huddle Up" is an online series that delivers an inside look at the experiences and people who have shaped Cam. From the events that almost derailed his college career to his passion for coaching his 7v7 All-Star team to the recent ankle surgery and rehab he fights through to be ready for this season. Get to know the Cam you don't see on Sundays.


I may explode.. if yall don't see me after August 5th.. you know why..

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To be honest. I thought I would regret clicking on this thread.

But now I'm trying to think of a word for really regret


But seriously...

Stop playing. Was there any doubt in your mind who/what this thread would be about? Come on now. Don't act new.

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