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Five Last Minute Trades The Atlanta Falcons Should Pursue

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Coby Fleener makes a lot of sense, but I'm not sure the colts will give up on him. I expect Fleener to have a similar career path to Jordan Cameron

Well, Dwayne Allen is the better TE on that team, but I agree that the Colts would probably ask a ton for Fleener.

I think a trade for Celek or Casey from Philadelphia makes more sense if we're looking for another TE. They also have Ertz, so one of the older guys should be expendable. Last season they were never able to involve all 3 in the offense successfully.

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Thanks for putting this out there. Good job! I think we are two productive players away from SB contenders. My prayer is that TD and the FO finally stop wishing and a hoping and nails it by last cut time. We are at the door knocking and TD can be brilliant, passive or a failure. RISE UP TD!

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Good job but I think he meant to use purple. Since there was no facts to check just all opinions LOL but +1

I think he was just messing with me!!!

No I wasn't being sarcastic. Honestly I should of deleted the thread. I was going to. Technically it's plagiarism without a link and therefore not allowed.

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No, you get blasted for assuming that anyone who disagrees with you is stupid and doesn't want the Falcons to win. Lots of posters here are critical of TD and don't catch nearly the flack you do.

About 3/4s of that list is late round picks- no GM hits on very many picks after the 3rd round.

TD and Smith have earned the right to another year or two.

My problem is with people that do nothing but make excuses glore for Dimitroff and Smith. But what about all the picks from rounds 1-3 that are on that list I gave you? Oh wait. I still have yet to get a percentage on what is realistic when it comes so hitting on picks in rounds 1-3 since I was called stupid for my 70% number.

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