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Auburn/clemson To Continue Rivalry

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Auburn and Clemson will continue their rivalry in 2016 and 2017. Clemson visits Auburn on September 3, 2016 with Auburn returning the favor in Clemson on September 9, 2017. Auburn and Clemson have played a whopping 49 times with Auburn holding a huge advantage in the series at 34-13-2.


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That's always a good matchup. I really wish FSU would do something like this with UGA or Bama. Love to have another SEC rivalry to keep things close.

it was reported and i posted it on this board i believe 5 years ago fsu turned down damon evans and UGA in a home and home series. we tried to get fsu/uga and then tried to do a home and home with miami with the same result. to me that stunk because of cmr's ties to both programs, it would have been great to have a home and home with either team. so then we signed up with clemson and now we have a notre dame home and home coming up. we had an oregon home and home and the timing stunk because the contracts were signed right before the expansion and after that happened both programs cancelled. ohio state backed out of a home and home setup we had with them which was a bummer for me.. i was excited to go up there for a road game. regarding UGA and FSU there is a strong rumor that they are working on a neutral site game agreement. i hope that happens i would love to play fsu again.. the last time we played was that sugar bowl.
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Coming from a Clemson fan in myself I gotta say glad we did it! Love having AUB on the schedule always a fast paced entertaining game. Also bumps up our strength of schedule so we so t appear "weak".

Yeah it's gonna be good to see. Hope yall spank em good.

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