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Run And Shoot?

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I saw a tweet that we would do a lot of 4 WR 1 RB sets. Koetters offense is called vertical something or other. I know TE's will be used inside the twenty to run the ball and take advantage of Toilolo's reach. I guess we will look to stretch the field between the twenties with 4 WR's and a RB that can also catch passes. Sounds fun to watch, I like anything that works. I just know that in the olden days they called that the run and shoot.

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Koetter's scheme is primarily based on the Coryell system, so it's not really a run n' shoot. The base would be more 2 wide, 2 back, single TE sets, but Koetter puts a lot of spread formations in the mix, hence the 4-vertical looks. It's really not that earth shattering. It's just another way to stretch the field, and ironically (given the "4 verticals" name) is designed to stretch the field horizontally.

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