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Jacques Smith

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My daughter went to High School with Jacques Smith. She worked in the office and during his junior and senior years he received offers from colleges all over the country and could pretty much go anywhere he wanted. I was so excited when I found out he was going to “my” team the VOLS. Too bad for him Tennessee had four different head coaches during his time there. Smith also had a thumb injury his senior year that keep him from playing in several games. I honestly think his numbers would have been A LOT better had there been constancy in coaching and of course no injury. Jacques is an amazing player and I really hope Atlanta gives him a shot.

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Hopefully his attitude isn't what hurts his shot. Haven't watched him or heard of him until now so I have no clue what type of player he is, just know the only thing that stands out is that he is a fighter lol

I haven't seen him throw a single punch, he's a talker (and a bit of a shover). He just doesn't take no ****, and from what I've seen, that's supposedly our motto this year.
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