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Jonathan Massaquoi

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"Informed after last season of the new role the team was conceiving for him, Massaquoi worked with a personal trainer, with team strength and conditioning coaches and with other NFL players like former Georgia Bulldog Justin Houston, a very successful 3-4 outside linebacker for Kansas City who posted 11 sacks last season."

source: http://www.foxsports...ied-scheme.html

Just thinking if he can somehow transform into a player like Justin Houston, our defense should be solid. I realize this article is not new, just food for thought.



...It's hard not to love this pic. lol

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Instill wish we would offer something for Houston, sigh...

We may have for all we know. It's just possible that they either, want more than we are willing to give, or, simply aren't willing to trade him. We'll probably never know either, not unless a trade actually occurs.

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