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Line 'em Up And Knock 'em Down


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We know Ryan can throw the ball.

We know Roddy, JJ and HD can catch.

We know we have a stable of running backs that can tote the rock.

What we don't know is if enough was done in the offseason to improve our o-Line.

It's all about the O-Line.

Yes Jake Mathews looks geat and was a great pick. But he is still a rookie and as good as he is, he will still make mistakes.

Sam Baker has played well, but not great in the past and when he's injured he's awful.

Hopefully they will step it up, but I think the Falcons should be looking to add 1 more veteran Tackle or Center to the mix with the cap space they have.

One injury on the O-line and we are back in the same position as last year.

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I feel bad for Hawley with the scheme change he has to man up some of the biggest men in the league daily. He should be beastman by the regular season though, or a sopping pile of self doubt, misery, and a pain med addiction hopefully it isn't the latter.

The later sounds terrible. :lol:

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