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Shelley Meyer: Hatred By Some Uf Fans Toward Urban Is Mind-Boggling.


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Urban Meyer is as classless as Petrino and I am not even joking.

He left UF in shambles under the disguise of illness.

Then went and found greener pastures in Columbus.

He is scum and should be hated.

However, I dont blame his wife for taking up for her man.

my wife and I have an agreement. whether or not we agree with each other we back each other publicly 100 percent. That, in my opinion, is what makes a marriage strong.

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Heh...so much to say, so little time.

I have always felt that Meyer was a glorified administrator and his strength came from the coaches he surrounded himself with. As far as character, he is a weasel faced liar. He had Florida set up with 5 star recruits from here to the sun but as soon as Golden boy went to the NFL, he wanted to bail as quick as possible.

Spurrier may have always pissed me off as a UGA fan, but I always had respect for his coaching ability and honesty. Meyer...he is a snake without character.

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I remember telling Gator fans of all the shady recruiting that Urban did. He said it was wrong to continue to recruit a player that was committed after one of his high profile players flipped. But he had no problem doing that himself. And just a lot of other things.

Do share. I'm tired of these shady things going unsaid.

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