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So, Every Year On Hard Knocks...

Hard Knocks  

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  1. 1. Who will be the star of Hard Knocks

    • Julio Jones
    • Roddy White
    • Bernard Reedy
    • Tyler Starr
    • Trufant and Alford
    • Coach Cox
    • Other (please name)

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So every year on Hard Knocks, a star is born. There is always one player that ends up in the spotlight and becomes the main storyline and a big fan favourite... sometimes it's an established star, sometimes an upcoming young player, and more often than not, the ever popular UDFA or 7th round pick...

Don't forget, consider what HBO wants to give the nation to watch..

Who will it be this year?

Julio cause people won't get over his athleticism and robofoot?

Roddy cause even though he "said" he won't talk. He will, it's who he is, oh and he's super good...

Reedy cause of the speed and udfa status

Starr's long journey to the NFL will def be a segment, does the hype motivate him even more?

sophmore duo of Tru and Alford beasting it up as rookies and having tons of pressure this year?

Coach Cox's awesome style?

Please vote and if it's someone else add it and tell us why!!

Can't wait to watch (and im not usually a fan of hard knocks, but RISEUP!!)

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Going with the Starr. Small town blond haired, blue eyed soul brother trying to make an NFL roster is classic Hard Knock material. No one else will be close. Trust me.

I absolutely know he will be featured. He got the story written all over him. I just think cox will be so hilarious it's hard not to vote for him

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my money is on Cox. profanity & cable just go together like chocolate & peanut butter

White will probably be the warm-up act, then there will be some melodrama with the focus on Starr or Shembo, Reedy, etc., then the big close with Cox being Cox in the heat of TC. Would watch again.

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Southward. Erroneous medical evaluation that kept him from participating in the combine. They will probably like to pump that up and show how is bouncing back. Plus the guy is articulate so he could very well sit in front of a camera

That is a good point. Southward would make for good TV.

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