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Sunday Camp Nuggets

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Hester took a lot of reps with the first team. He had more catches than Roddy, Julio & Harry.

Roddy was lazy off the line but still dangerous. He's a lot bigger than I thought.

Julio will be fine.

Robert Alford shut down Roddy for a play, then Roddy came back.

Tru locked down Julio with great positioning on the ball. However it was an under thrown. Next play Matt tossed it up and Julio had Tru beat by about 5-7 yards. If Julio is ever allowed a free Release he will always be open.

Paul Worrilow looked great in block shedding I mean he was navigating seamlessly.

prince Shembo, I was a little skeptical at first but man can this guy jump and cover.

Nobbis is not just a camp body. Big guy can definatley run.

Osi was out before anyone getting some reps in.

Tyler Starr is incredibly big and can get to the ball.

Castillo has an amazing leg, if bosher ever goes down I wont be worried.

Steven Jackson isn't going anywhere, this is a line backer on offense. He looks great and will do well this year.

Keith ArmStrong was really getting on the guys about wrapping up and finishing on one particular play. He told the to not try to knock guys out, wrap up.

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Great stuff man, thanks.

I remember the first time I saw Roddy close up. The guy is big.

That's awesome what you heard Armstrong saying. Stop trying to knock folks oit and wrap up! That's been an issue here for a long time. Glad it's openly being addressed.

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