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Should Lamar Holmes Move To Og?

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We all know about Holmes' struggles at OT and how he is a soft guy, but is there any reason at all that making the switch to become an OG would be better for him? I am well aware that OGs need to be able to deal with the bigger players and Holmes can struggle against that, but when I was looking through the pictures from today's training camp, he looked more like an OG than an OT to me. Holmes got beat in a lot of different ways as an OT and although he did improve, I just don't see him as ever being a reliable OT., so why not try him out as an OG. Curious to see what you guys think.

Here is the picture I saw that gave me this idea (Look at how much bigger and longer Schraeder looks than Holmes):


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Holmes looks small compared to all the other guys. Now Gunn, he looks like an OG. He looks like he could move a freight train. Look at the definition in Holmes calf muscles as compared to all the other guys. You can tell that lazy m fer hasn't been doing crap all offseason. He just looks to be severely lacking power in his lower body. He needs to go.

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