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One And Done And The Foreign Game


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Its a very interesting concept.

This could help the NBA in 2 ways. One, creating a better talent base abroad will increase the experience foreign players get. And two, it will benefit these kids and their teams once they get drafted because they will be used to the "professional" lifestyle.

I don't know why other kids don't do this. Sure they won't get a million bucks, but they will get paid. Which is what a lot of these kids are all about. Whats the difference between going from Canada to Kansas or Chicago to Duke and going from Canada to China or Europe? Just an example. I know they'd be missing the "college life" but I don't think getting paid to play in spain would be a horrible lifestyle change lol.

Im not a fan of the "one and done" and what it does to basketball. This could be a way to help deminish that while protecting NBA teams from having to invest millions in an unproven 18 year old high school kid. It would also aid the global expansion of basketball that the NBA has always tried to push.

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I think it would help to some degree as well. You have high class talent that will go overseas and gain that experience that they wouldn't get in college. They wouldn't have to worry about their money or the NCAA and their ******** regulations regarding its student athletes. Then again the downside could be that it takes away the importance of having a degree in case an injury(God forbid) were to occur. Also how would someone react that has spent their life growing up in tough neighborhoods all of their life? Would they be able to adjust to their time over there. Will they have the discipline needed to actually grow up and be responsible for their actions? Is it good for sports? absolutely. I just hope that it doesn't diminish the importance of an education that's all.

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More than likely they will be going overseas for 1 year, so the professional lifestyle is out the window. More than likely they will spend that one year adjusting to a new culture, language barrier, getting around, food etc.

More than likely, unless they are exceptional talent they will be getting limited playing time. Brandon Jennings took this same route averaging 17 minutes a game. Most of these kids aren't ready for the pro-game.

This is what Brandon Jennings had to say:

My advice to him is to learn how to play the pro game. He’s going to have to learn to play over there anyway, learn how to set guys up and tone it down a little bit. They didn’t care about the moves, they cared about getting the job done.”

“The first couple weeks I got there, [i noticed] practices were different,” Jennings said. “Basketball is their life. You play once or twice a week and other than that it’s playing basketball every day. You have practice in the morning and at night. What rocked me was my first away game. I realized they don’t play. They got drums, people singing songs. The refs were down there cheating. You gotta really look in the stands and make sure no one throws anything at you.”

Jennings realized the culture in Italy and brand of basketball the coach wanted him to play wasn’t what he knew. There was massive adjustment on and off the court. Fortunately for him, his mother, Alice, and brother, Terrence Phillips, went off to Italy with him.

“If I wasn’t there with Brandon he would have had a hard time,” Alice Knox said. “I dealt with all the hard stuff. My thing for him was for him just go play basketball. I did the typical everyday things like laundry because they don’t have dryers there. The shopping is difficult because you don’t know how to read their labels. Shopping is different, even trying to buy milk is different if you can’t read what you’re buying.”

If Jennings could make one point and hammer it home to Carr it would be about his support staff. “I feel his supporting cast will be the most important thing,” Jennings said. “Whoever is behind him, who’s taking care of his business, that’s the most important. If I didn’t have my mom and my brother I would have been back in (December).

“Without them I wouldn’t have been able to make it.”


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? You said they'd be there for 1 year so professional lifestyle is out the window, but that quote from Jennings says the exact opposite.

Those issues would be the same in Europe or as a rookie in the NBA. The only difference is the language of your milk.

Jennings also had a great rookie season. He was nearly ROY. He had 55 points in his 7th game. Playing overseas definitely helped prepare him for the pro game.

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