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6000 Years


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where in the bible does it say that? I don't know the bible but my aunt is curious so could someone direct me to the part?

Well it has the do with the geneology given till Christ. There is a clear geneology given to Christ. There are a few years due to callender changes and the like that get disputed.

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The bible doesnt say it. The Hebrew word for "day" can mean a period of indefinite time. Just like when someone says "back in my day"... they arent meaning a literal 24 hours.

  1. Length of the six days of creation. Some creationists assert that the six days of creation were literal 24-hour days. But the word “day” in the Bible can refer to a considerable length of time.—Genesis 2:4; Psalm 90:4.

  2. Age of the earth. Some creationists teach that the earth is just a few thousand years old. However, according to the Bible, the earth and the universe existed before the six days of creation. (Genesis 1:1)

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