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I watched a few of his games a couple weeks ago. That mofo can pass block his as off. Run blocking was kinda meh though. Not really good or bad, just average. Average would be an upgrade over Reynolds though.

Agree. He looked good getting out on screens as well. You're right he's definitely better than Reynolds.

One thing I love is if sack master moves on next year and Matthews becomes LT, even if Holmes still sucks it's a heckuva lot easier to draft a RT outside of top 10 than a LT. Same with a RG. Grabbing Jake this year and adding a young Asamoah sets a great foundation

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Don't even need Baker to stay healthy. If he goes down, slide Matthews to LT and have Holmes at RT with a competent RG next to him and he'd be better.

I'm hoping you're right on Holmes, but last year he just looked out of shape and quite frankly clueless at times. Granted he had moments where you see potential. Well see. I have zero doubts about baker at either T spot.

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Asamoah is a difference maker at a position of increasing importance.

He and Matthews have the potential to really transform this offense.

I totally agree. It'll be nice to see competent RG and RT play this year. I know both are more known for their pass blocking but I think with the right side playing well out run game might just open everything up. Man I can't wait for preseason.

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