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Will Call For 2014 Parking Passes? Really?

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I've been a Yellow lot patron for 10 years. After giant price hikes over the past four years, I decided it was time to look for something better.

A little over a week ago I saw something on Facebook that said it was the last day to buy parking passes through the Falcons. To my surprise, M lot was now available. It wasn't available 2 weeks earlier when I checked. I decided to jump on it.

When I got through the checkout process, it said the only delivery method available was through Will Call! By then I had already paid. After plowing through several other web pages, I found a page that said the will call window is only open on GAME days and opens two hours before the game! surely they can't be serious??!!

I sent an email through the Chat feature after hours, but they never contacted me the next day. I haven't had time to call and whine about it yet during business hours. Does anybody have any insights here? Much appreciated....

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I thought the same when I bought my pass on a Saturday night. Couldn't ask anybody about this until the following Monday. Anyway I was told that will call is incorrect and they will be mailed along with your season ticket package.

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