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Facial Hair, Whatcha Got? Whatcha Think?

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Clean shaven.

Anything other than clean shaven or a full beard kinda like the one pictured above has a certain ***** factor to it. The Goatee is probably on the less-douchey side, while the chinstrap linebeard is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

ETA: This is for white dudes only. Black guys can pull off stuff that we can't without looking like a fag.

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She must have hated body hair. My brother shaves his arms and legs. Used to be into body building but idk why he does if now.

Hmmmmm, I think she did mention I wasn't hairy was a good thing, but the pit thing was more of a hygiene thing I think. You do stay drier and less funky, no doubt. One day all dudes will do it, like manscaping. If I ever peep an older porno and see some hairy crotch I just smh and wonder why it took so long to catch on :D

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