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I knew there had to be someone on the internet that didn't like it, lol. It's been quite awhile since I have seen an episode of TV get universally praised the way this one has, probably since Breaking Bad's Ozymandias.

There were scenes in this episode that were soul crushing, brose. I just rewatched it and nearly lost my composure during the bathtub scene. Hit me harder than the first time I watched it.

The score was also incredible and really juxtaposes well with the cinematography, and the dream/memory sequence gave me ridiculous goosebumps. It was so creepy and great.

Reverend Matt is easily my new favorite character. I really hope we get more single character focused episodes like this one. It was a staple of Lost, one of the things that show did so well. This episode had a very similar feel to Lost's 3rd episode, Walkabout.

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Another great episode. I got weird tears @ the lighter scene. As soon as I read Don't Forget Me I could no longer see the TV screen. Don't know why that hit me as hard as it did, but it immediately switched to anger when she threw it in the gutter. Such good story telling when you can go from sadness, to anger, to thoughtfulness, to smiling, to understanding, back to sadness and then anger whenever the Guilty Remnant shows up. It's emotionally draining to watch this show, and I mean that as an incredible compliment. I haven't felt like this since Breaking Bad.

Kevin Garvey also has a very subtle and funny temperament, even if it is a little bitchy. I love his sarcastic quips and his general exasperation any time he has to deal with **** he doesn't want to deal with. I also loved the reveal that he is not Tom's biological father, it added an entire layer to his character. It's a really nice juxtaposition with how many times he tries to get in touch with Tom who isn't his son, and his inability and inattentiveness to try to connect with his actual daughter Jill.

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There are tittays in the opening credits, but they're part of a moving painting. It's pretty refreshing to see HBO actually produce a show that doesn't rely on gratuitous nudity to reel in...whoever gratuitous nudity reels in.

The first episode of the season showed a girl in her underwear choking a kid while he jerked off in bed next to her. I'll take that over tittays any day.

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