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Nfl Am Atl, Jags, Titans, Raiders Only Teams Shut Out On Top 100

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Not surprised. We've got 3 good players(Ryan, Julio(who could be great, if he could stayon the field), Roddy(who's aging), and a bunch of avg players... Btw, Julio makes the list if he's healthy last year... And Duff might not care, but if we had 5 or 6 guys ON the list Im pretty sure he would...smile.png

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Who on the Falcons? Maybe Trufant and JJ.

But if JJ has a case, so does Justin Blackmon

Raiders have Sebastian Janikowski

LOL @ Janikowksi.

Ryan, Roddy, Julio are all Top 100 players. Tru plays as well as he did last year, he should be on the list next year. Not yet though.

Jurrell Casey on the Titans. I'd like to see it again but he played at a high enough level to merit consideration.

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OK, so here's the thing; prior to last year the Falcons had one of the best records in the NFL over the previous five year span. I guess this list validates all the people who say that Dimitroff is incompetent, and that Ryan is average, but doesn't it also mean that Mike Smith is some kind of genius? I mean if Ryan is average, and Dimitroff is incompetent, and Smith is an idiot, how do we explain the record prior to last year?

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Guest Dtan: Homertroll Slayer

Shocked at no Ryan and Jones.

I was told by experts here that Jones is second only to Megatron and Ryan is on the cusp of elite.


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Guest Dtan: Homertroll Slayer

Hahaha so do we trust league wide experts or our own fans to deliver an objective analysis?

I think the former.

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