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Auburn Defensive Back Jonathon Mincy Arrested On Marijuana Possession Charge.

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But AU never has those kind of arrests according to some of their fans (not this place though).

if an auburn fan says that they are clueless and i have seen plenty of the clueless ones on auburn undercover. not only do they have plenty of these type of arrests (non violent), but they have a number of the violent type including the use of guns. they won the fulmer cup a few years ago. imo we have a better class of auburn fan on this board who wouldn't say that type nonsense. i agree with mdrake this is just so freaking stupid.. a month away from the start of practice and does something as stupid as this. there is a good article on this i will be posting regarding Mincy..
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mincy was at a D.A.R.E event just a few days before.

Too soon to tell whether Jonathon Mincy's arrest is a speed bump or red flag for Auburn.


From what I've heard, D.A.R.E. doesn't focus on marijuana as much, if at all, anymore.

Either way, this is stupid as shyte. You're getting a free education with an outside chance to play in the NFL. Hold off on the ganja for a few years and make a few dollars, ffs. If someone told me they would pay me 1 million dollars a year for five years to eat vegan, you can bet your asss that I'd know how to make a mean tofu salad.

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