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Most Important Development Year In Team History?

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I was thinking about the basis of our team. I was thinking that we have quite a few young players that appear to be right on the cusp. Given the amount of them, if these players flourish, this could prove to be the most pivitol point in Falcons history. These players don't develop, and this team is going to need to find solutions QUICK. Never have we seen this much untapped potential up and down a Falcons roster. It always seems to be vets we pick up as patchwork for a poor draft class, but TD has set-up what could be one of the best young cores in the NFL. The development of these players could position us with the Seattle's of the league. That would put us in conI'll start with the defense:

3 Man Front:

DE - Jackson - Vet, knows his assignments.

NT - Soliai - See Above.

DE - Babs - See above.

The defensive line controls the whole defense. If it struggles, so will the defense as a whole. If it thrives, the defense will be tough. We have 3 excellent veterans on this line to command the defense. Their experience and leadership will do wonders.

There is a rookie that could push for A LOT of playing time. Ra'Shede Hageman has Richard Seymour/JJ Watt type of talent for a 3-4 DE. If he taps that potential this early, similar to Watt/Aldon/Von, then he could be starting by week 17, and we could throw out a 4 man front of Jackson-Babs-Soliai-Hageman. Imagine that beef lol.


If what we are hearing is true, Mass is going to have a breakout season. If he could muster 7.5 sacks, and be efficient, i'd be stoked. Mass is cut in the mold identical when Osi was coming out of Troy(Mass went to Troy as well). it took Osi a few seasons to bust out, then thrived as a compliment to Strahan. 2 other players at the LB position that are key development players are Worrilow and Bartu. They are building quite some chemistry in the middle of that defense. If they build on, and improve upon there rookie campaings, this defense is going to be SCARY.


The secondary has 2 key developmental players for this year. Tru and Alford. Tru is poised for Elite status sooner rather than later. If Alford improves upon last year, he will be considered a top 15 CB very soon, forming the best CB duo in the league. Both players can stick to a WR like glue, if Alford exceeds expectations, Alford could be in the same category as Tru before we even know it. Who was the last team to have 2 Elite, Young, Athletically gifted corners? Scary.

So these are the key players that, if they begin to tap there potential this year, will change the fortunes of this team for the next 10 years:

Hageman - Either a complete bust, or the next Seymour/Watt/Wilkerson. My mony is he busts onto the scene.

Mass - This is the player I'm most excited about in the LBer group. He has all the tools, and talent around him to eventually be a terror off the edge. He could be a 12-15 sack guy after this season, or next.

Bartu - Versatile LBer who is getting bigger by the day. Absolutely flies around the field.

Worrilow - Could be the next Stud Tackler the League will see. He has uncanny instincts.

Trufant - Ik Bleacher Report is part BS, but there top CB list had Trufant at 5th in the league. PFF named Tru their 2013 Defensive RoY. He reminds me of a Joe Haden clone. Not bad lol.

Alford - This is one player I absolutely love. He is going to ball out this year. Nuff said.

Now on offense:

The skill position has really 1 key developmental player, since Julio is already a proven star. Devonta Freeman could prove to be the next great 'little' RB. He is strong, but quicker than lightning. Not many players may be able to stop him in the open field,

On the OLine, the key developmental player is of course 6th overall pick, Jake Matthews. The dude is destined for legendary status. His family is littered with HoFers, and He and Clay could be added to that list one day. The dude is the most polished OL prospect int he past decade, maybe even longer. Robinson caught alot of the hype for his performance in the underwear olympics, adn many overlooked the throwback Matthews prodigy. Lineman dont need to run for touchdowns, or outrun defenders. They need to work within a phone booths length, and guard the QB. Matthews is the most technically sound rookie at ANY position I have ever seen, outside of Andrew Luck. His maturity is off the charts, and all he wants to do is 2 things: Work, and Win!

The offense has these key developmental players:

Freeman - Coudl eb the next MJD/Ray Rice. Both were neither 1st round picks as well, due to size and speed in underwear.

Matthews - Will be a Pro bowler as a rookie, and take the NFL by storm.

These are the players I could see turning into stars. They are not yet, but have all the tools to do so, and are in position on this team to do so. If most of these players to not pan out, the other prospects wont matter as much, because these are the players that I believe this organization has the most confidence in to have 'unlimited' potential. They are setting these players up better than any others. It's just time to see if they will seize the opportunity.

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Not even close. The most important year in the history of this franchise was the year after the Vick fiasco when Matt Ryan took over

Maybe in media sorts, but I would not agree with the talent level. That team was expected to do squat, and wasnt even that talented. We have so many young guys right now, and we are expected to have at least a somewhat good team.

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Maybe in media sorts, but I would not agree with the talent level. That team was expected to do squat, and wasnt even that talented. We have so many young guys right now, and we are expected to have at least a somewhat good team.

If Matt Ryan wouldn't have panned out we would be the Oakland Raiders right now

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This shows we need more developing young players on offense.

But yeah, the development on D is going to be critical to the next few years.

Thats why we target TE and WR next year in the 1st 2 rounds lol. Devin Funchess and Jaelen Strong baby.

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