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Nba Offseason Thread


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Being a sixer fan is so painful. SMH.

Jeremy Lin and Amare Stoudamire are the rumors. No Thank you. Not only that but we missed out on Wiggans and Parker and get another bum knee'd big man who won't play for a year.

Not to mention completely wasting the #10 pick. But hey trading down and getting 2 solid players like James Young and Gary Harris would have made way too much sense.

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I cant lie.... I was never a Lebron fan.... I like the guy now... Sometimes you learn **** is bigger then just you.... He see that ... Plus i do think the Cavs is in better shape then the Heat

There it is, right there. Never been a fan, myself, but he has a better shot in Cleveland now than he does in MIA. Not sure if that's his only motivator, but I'm sure it's probably the biggest.

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Im glad he's going home, but he looks like an even bigger sellout now for going to Miami in the first place

Yeah, although Lebron is partly responsible for Cleveland having the kind of talent it does now. So in a way he's reaping the benefits of having left the team four years earlier (though it still reflects badly on him as a player).

I'm with you and hope he wins Cavs fans a ring

Least they have hope unlike me.


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This is all for too much to be coincidence.

I think the NBA had been setting this up ever sense he left. They've had 3 number one picks for Christ's sake. And two number 4s. Bull ******* ****. No team gets that.

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This does more for Lebron than anything

Eventually I'm sure he would love to buy the Cavs down the road

This mends this bridge

If he wins a ship for the Cavs.. That would be more impactful then allllllll his years and accomplishments he had in miami

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I'm thinking Cle in play in a Sign and Trade

Phil Jackson gets Wiggins

keep saying this and feeling it

80 % Knicks

20 % Melo to Cavs on S& T that includes Wiggns/ Thompson/ Waiters

But way Lebron mentioned them think he wants to play with them

That would be smart by the knicks but the knicks said they are not doing a sign and trade..... I would want Love over Melo tho.... Better fit for the Cavs

Offer the Wolves Wiggins and one of there 3 1st round draft picks in next year draft.... ill keep the miami pick tho..lol.. That will be a very high pick

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