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Guest fibonacci

My understanding is the players don't get any of it because it's at the campus.

If it is off the field, then yes.

But under the cba. This was one of the things i think the owners won.

So nfl and Arthur are the only ones. Unless they do something off the field.

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its hbo...the only entity getting money is the NFL, which means the owners....players get paid by contract......anything else they get paid will have to be in the form of a contract for product endorsements...if they were making a commercial for HBO, they would get paid.....all the rights are property of the NFL and like the TV deals, all team owners get a share of that TV money

Owners want personalities on TV to sell jerseys and tickets to fans......owners don't share ticket sales or jersey sales....players parlay TV coverage into appearances and endorsements....its a win, win for all involved

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