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Nick Barnett Trying Out With Falcons


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why not give the dudes we drafted a chance?

I'm curious of we are looking for someone in a mentor role more than a starter. Both Barnett, and Dobbins are over the hill and neither started last year, but they do have a lot of experience playing in a 3-4 defense. And Vilma has a lot of exp as well.

I'm just thinking, our most experienced ILB is Dent, and frankly I don't see him as a mentor to all these 1st and second year players.

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Yeah but I don't see why that matters much. I just don't get the "veteran" presence. To me, it just doesn't do anything. It is like they have little faith in developing players so they want to sign a guy that has played a snap in the NFL so they know their backs are covered. I just don't understand.

This guy is old.........over the hill.........busted up...........done !!!

Are they kidding ???

I know what you mean.

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Yeah but 'due diligence' is silly sometimes. They know someone is going to get cut. I would keep all of the young dudes on the final 53 roster. What is the purpose of drafting 4 LBs if you don't have that intention. The fact that Nick Barnett was unheared of last season should say something right there.

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