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Bruce Arians On The Media Grading Players


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I agree with him.


Following mini-camp practice on Tuesday, Arians noted that he’d like to see Peterson improve his off-coverage technique, overall knowledge of the game, and the ability to get his hands on the ball more often. But Arians also defended the three-time Pro Bowler by stating, “I don’t think those people know a **** thing about our defense and what we’re asking him to do. I have to laugh when I see all of these comparisons. Guys in our defense are doing different things. They have no clue what our coaches are asking, whether he’s doing the right thing or wrong thing. All of sudden, I see a grade. I don’t even know what a +3 or +4 means or where they came up with that.” Well, they try to explain it. Arians said, “Good luck. It’s kind of like a QBR.” So you don’t subscribe to that kind of grade? “No, no. Our coaches’ grades are the only one I care about.” Peterson is set to enter his fourth season in the NFL. He is hoping to sign a new contract before the start of the 2014 season. Negotiations are reportedly ongoing.

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