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In Worrilow We Trust

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Pathetic fan base. Everyone is always the best ever. One circle jerk after another.


Why is a "circle jerk" on your mind? What does that have to do with football? Someone starts a thread about Falcons football, and you immediately post about a "circle jerk". I bet you sit in church and imagine the deacon's anus. Even though he's talking about a summer picnic. biggrin.pnglaugh.pngbiggrin.png

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WOW!!!! Talk about nut hugging. I like PW but, What some of you are doing is sickening.

Not nut-hugging at all. Just saying we need him to live up to the hype cuz now we're out our best LB for the season (again).No one's saying he's an elite HOF'er and if you take the Chuck Norris-esque Worrilow jokes seriously you need to lighten up man.

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