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Preseason Standouts

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We always have the few preseason guys that stand out! Everyone knows Roddy,Julio,Ryan,Spoon,etc. but which names do you think stand out when the preseason is over and done with?

Example (from last year)

Offensive-Josh Vaughn

Defensive-Paul Worrilow

Defensive Rookie-Paul Worrilow

Offensive Rookie-Darius Johnson

Here are my bold choices for preseason standouts...

Offensive-Jeff Matthews

Defensive-Javier Arenas

Offensive Rookie-Jacob Pedersen

Defensive Rookie-Deszmen Southward

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I think

Freeman - will make a splash .... Probably start before its all said and done

Alford / Trufant - I love Alfords character ... I think he will be elite and Tru is an athlete a student of the game

Bierman - I think he gets back to natural form and we know his motor never stops ...

Lowery - Not sure if he starts at FS but I think he feels like he has something to prove and I think he will

Hester - I think he is a big accquistion ... If used right he can have a Percy Harvin impact ...

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Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but Worrilow was putting up some great numbers.

I think that Drew Davis could look great against second and third stringers if somebody can get him the ball.

No...not being sarcastic. I only remember his solid 127 tackles in the regular season. In other words, what he did in preseason did not clue me in as to the type of player that he's become.
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