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Uga Men's Clinic/coaches Quotes


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Sunday's football clinic was actually much better than I expected. We got there and got our picture taken with Richt then went into the team meeting room. Richt came in and spoke for a little bit and first up was Coach Ekeler. He spoke about special tethis guy is intense. I truly believe if he drank one more red bull, his head would explode. He told all of our team that if their dream is to play in the NFL, they should be banging down one of the ST coaches doors. He said only 5% of players in the NFL don't do some type of special teams in their careers. He said in the draft, only the top 10 players don't need to worry about special teams. He said so if you ain't top 10, be at someone's door asking what you can do, starter or not. He then showed clips of a guy at USC he coached and said he was drafted in the 7th round, and then went on to say he never started a game for USC, basically was a ST player. (He could have used Blake Sailors here as well who is on the Redskins now). Still, point taken. He also showed clips on USC and pointed out all the starters on the ST units, lots of them. Back to the red bull comment, Pruitt later mentioned that when he called Eke about a job (recommended by Osbourne) that he noticed he was winded and asked why...he just ran 17 miles. huh.png Eke IS the red bull...

Next was Coach Lilly. He spoke about the punting unit and a few different things including taking a couple different shots at AU. He showed a clip of an AU player getting jacked up where his chin strap was basically around his eyeballs, (I can't repeat what his next words was). He ran over in time a little bit while Bobo was waiting in the hallway waiting to come in and the two of them kinda joked about it. When Bobo did come in he told Lilly that he actually left church early to be there on time and had he known Lilly was going to run late, he could have got saved that morning. Btw, Bobo was in Sunday attire. Not suit attire, but basically suit pants.

Next up was Bobo and he went through some x's and o's and gave a few nuggets on what to look for and even a couple calls that if you hear, you will know what is coming next which I thought was cool. We did Q & A with all the coaches and one guy asked Bobo about the backup QB and if Bobo was going to create a special package for Bauta on 3rd and 1, 3rd and 2, etc. Basically said we need to get him on the field because the man is a physical QB. By this time, Pruitt had already walked in and sat down. He asked Bobo if he could answer that question, Bobo agreed. Pruitt asked the gentleman if he wants a backup QB running the ball on 3rd and 1, or do you WANT to give the ball to #3? Yeah, end of that discussion, lol.

The guy most want to know, Pruitt. He did the same as Bobo but asked if we wanted the x's and o's or just Q & A's. We did the x's and o's. He was actually MORE than what we've seen and heard. This guy understands the whole picture. One of the main things he did keep showing over and over again was the amount of true freshman that was on his defenses at Bama and FSU. He would show a great play and then make a comment that was a freshman then show how many true freshman was on the field. He said it's not hard to understand defense. Some may want to make themselves look smarter but it's still not hard. (Figure out yourselves who that was a shot at). He did mention that Bama and Ga shared a lot of info between the previous defensive staff at UGA and Bama since they play common opponents like Tn and Au and don't play each other. He said all of their coaches noticed a lot of loafing on the film from UGA. Someone asked him which coach had the most influence on him (guy was fishing for Saban) and his coaching style. His answer was his dad and the greatest thing his dad taught him as a coach? How to treat people

We then broke for lunch then did Q and A's with equipment, recruiting, and Ron Courson. I'll add more nuggets to this thread because I'm not sure how much space I can use. But, this was a great time and I'll add more, I really wish I could tell it all but that would be bulletin board material for other teams. biggrin.png

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It was a small group that was there (less than 50) so that allowed a lot of interaction between coaches, players (Moore and Conley) and fans. Just talking with the coaches one on one, I cannot emphasize enough how they RAVED about Richt. Pruitt actually did it in the session (Richt was not present). Even calling him the best in the country. Pruitt also said the new defensive staff has 8 national championships between them, and "They don't plan on going backwards" I'll add some quotes from Coach T later...

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