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2013 Week 13 Falcons @ Green Bay Game Notes

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- Asante out, Konz RG, Schraeder RT, Matt Flynn QB for Pack, 8 degrees and snowing

- Roddy 3 1st down catches on first drive, but we end up punting

- Mass sacks Flynn coverage sack

- Warrilow illegal contact on Jordy Nelson on 3rd down

- Moore good coverage on Quarless incomplete pass

- Peters good tackle on Lacey @ LOS

- Goodman in the endzone in coverage, Lacey gets pass up the middle, jukes Warrilow and Goodman makes a very nice open field hit to stone Lacey before the goal line

- Lacey 1yd TD 7-0 Packers (long drive) (DeCoud out for the game replaced by Motta)

- Sjax big run up the left side for about 20

- Holmes beat inside for TFL Quizz

- Ryan with all day to throw, Davis chips Clay Matthews then catches a perfect pass inside for 35 yard TD 7-7

- Moore blind side blitz, Lacy gets over late and Moore sacks Flynn, FF, Goodman recovers

- Ryan PA to Gonzo TD 14-7 Falcons

- Tru TFL on James Jones on WR screen

- Motta TFL on Lacy. Aggressive play by Motta. He hit Lacy too high but stopped him enough for help to come

- Motta good coverage on Quarless but he makes a very nice catch

- Motta another nice tackle @ LOS on TE to the flats

- Peters/Warrilow sack Flynn coverage sack

- GB 40 yd FG 14-10 Atlanta

- Sjax 14 yd gain on cut back

- Perry beats Schraeder badly on 3rd down and hits Ryan to force incompletion 2:20 left

- Alford hits Boykin incomplete

- Warrilow excellent coverage up the seam incomplete pass

- Warrilow nice stick on Boykin after he makes catch

- Spoon gets a pick 6 return for 71 yds. Pass deflects off of Warrilows foot 21-10 Falcons :22 left

- Lacy takes handoff left, Warrilow good pursuit and teams up with Motta for tackle @ LOS and Lacy injures ankle just before halftime

- Motta closes fast on pass to James Jones. Could have been a pick. Jones alligator armed it

- Konz beat quickly offf the line and Ryan hit as he throws incomplete

- Motta flies up and misses tackle on RB, but effects his run. Aggressive play in run defense

- Flynn PA bootleg finds Nelson open on double move for 50ish yards Alford in coverage

- Goodman nice penetration inside near TFL forces Starks outside

- Mass sacks Flynn at LDE. Good inside move by Mass

- GB 33yd FG 21-13 Atlanta

- We go 3 and out

- Warrilow A gap blitz sacks Flynn untouched

- Goodman nice penetration from LDE forces Lacy change of direction for small gain

- Bartu nice tackle @ LOS on Starks

- Peters great job reading screen dives and tackles Lacy to save TD. Very smart play by Peters

- GB 25yd FG 21-16 Atlanta

- Holmes false start

- Mike Neal coverage sack, FF, Jolly recovers. (Don't know why we are throwing. yes its 1st and 15, but run game has been very good. Sjax is averaging 5.5 ypc at this point)

- Quarless back shoulder TD with Motta in coverage, 2pt conversion fail 22-21 GB

- Ryan with time finds HD when he comes back for ball for 12

- Jolly TFL on Snelling -4 yards (Konz beat) (big play for GB)

- Bryant 51yd FG just short. Had Konz not gotten beat for -4 yards then it would have easily been in

- Ryan to Gonzo for 1st down on 3rd down

- DB Blitz Ryan incomplete

- 4th and 5 2 min to go we pass up 50yd FG opportunity and go for it. Tony drops pass that is thrown a little bit behind him. Could have made the catch. Could have been a better throw.

- GB punts to the 1, two plays slide past the ball so McClain picks it up advances it to the 9. Smart play by McClain

- :44 left no timeouts. Quizz 12 yd screen, Ryan to Roddy for 20 yard post. Outstanding throw and timing, HD drops easy pass for 10+ yards and could have gotten out of bounds around the 50. Ryan trying to make something happen downfield and picked while throwing into triple coverage.


- Ground game was running well. We set ourselves up nicely for 3rd and short. I hated seeing us pass on 1st down even if it was 1st and 15.

- Our 2nd half offense was terrible. 3 punts and a sack fumble to start the 2nd half. Mostly due to pass protection woes.

- Warriliows best game as a Falcon to date. He played well in all areas. If he puts on 10lbs or so then he is going to improve so much. I know i sound like a broken record.

- Motta came in for DeCoud and looked very good. He is very aggressive in run defense, but that will come back to bite him in the butt in some games.

- The 4th and 5 we went for was an iffy call to me. Bryant missed a 51yd FG earlier barely, but i totally understand the call. The pass should have been better by Ryan. Gonzo is running and out route and Ryan passes it to his inside shoulder. If he puts it on the numbers or even a little more out its a catch.

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