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If Aaron Donald Gets Release(Hasn't Signed)

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Do we pick him up? He still has yet to sign with the St. Louis Rams. People were talking about his size. being an issue. I doubt they will let go of their first pick. But it would be absolutely amazing if they did so we can pull him in.

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why would they release him?

It would be absolutely ******** if they let go of their 1st round pick, especially since he has no leverage.

Size and scheme fit could bust a player or he just might not work out for them. I know its rare but it has happened before. Well First round busts. I wouldn't even mind him staying with the St. Louis and we trying to pick him up on contract year.

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Whatever you are smoking... put it down.

Nah its medicinal. But seriously. Even if its not this year. Say if he is shopping around for teams come contract time or what ever happens. Should we take a chance to pull him into the Organization.

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Guest MikeKennHOF

Education time.

If Aaron Donald, or ANY draft pick, doesn't sign, they are not free agents. They go into the next year's draft.

Example: Bo Jackson refused the richest rookie contract in NFL history from the Bucs because he believed that Hugh Culverhouse was a racist. So he went back into the following draft and was picked up by the Raiders in the 7th round.

So no: we can not just "pick him up".

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