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2013 Week 10 Falcons @ Tampa Game Notes

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- Snelling inactive. He was just busted for Poss. of Marijuana and chose to sit out

- Spoon back

- Hawley is at Center and Konz is at RG in this game

- Sjax 13 yard tough run up the middle

- McCoy beats Konz for a sack on back to back plays 3rd and 24

- Jerry false start

- Mass pressures from inside stunt on 3rd down

- Rainey is running well in this 1st quarter. Tampa 30yd FG 3-0 Bucs

- Roddy White illegal motion negates 9 yd HD WR screen

- Clayborn late hit on Ryan gets penalty

- McCoy called for offsides

- Clayborn untouched (Holmes) TFL on Quizz

- McCoy beats Konz for a 3rd sack. Hawley initially doubles him and then leaves him for Konz

- Bryant 46 yd FG 3-3

- Vjax great 1 handed catch with Asante in coverage for 47 yds

- Rainey 43yd TD up the middle. Peters moved off the ball 10-3 Bucs

- Tampa surprise onside kick and recover

- Glennon all day and hits Vjax for 20

- Babs TFL on Rainey

- Vjax PI on Asante because Glennon threw the ball too far inside. Play was reminiscent of the pass Ryan threw to Julio against New England where its 1v1 on the outside and he threw it inside where the WR has no chance to get the catch.

- Tampa fake punt incomplete pass

- Mason Foster pick 6 on Ryan. Ryan was pressured as he threw from Dekoda Watson who beat Trueblood badly around the edge 17-3 Bucs

- Darius Johnson drops WR screen

- Gonzo false start

- Roddy reception for 15yds but fumbles and Tampa recovers 5:00 left in half

- Rainey direct snap HB pass incomplete.

- Rainey 2yd TD run up the middle. Travian had poor eyes in the backfield on this play. Will talk about it later 24-3

- Gholdson PF on Roddy white. Kind of a lame call to me

- Banks PI on Darius Johnson

- Bryant 49yd FG 24-6 Bucs :56 left in half

- Cliff Matthews sack coverage sack, but Spoon called for illegal contact

- Tampa shanks 55yd FG at half

- Holmes beat by Lavonte and he hits Ryan as he throws, but PI called on Tampa

- Ryan great job of escaping a sack, but Gonzo drops reception on 3rd down

- Quizz fake punt direct snap for 14 yd gain and 1st down

- 3rd and 1 Roddy drops pass that was probably catchable but still an inaccurate throw

- 4th and 1 Roddy catches ball, but defender hits him to jar ball loose for incomplete pass

- Trufant called for PI

- Glennon all day to throw, Vjax gets behind Decoud for 53 yds. Good adjustment by Vjax. Decent coverage

- Rainey 4 yd TD catch 31-6

- Ryan hit as he throws incomplete

- HB toss to Sjax McCoy beats Holmes TFL

- Dekoda Watson beats Josh Vaughn on punt and blocks it. Josh Vaughns 2nd punt block given up this year

- Mass penetrates inside from RDE TFL on Rainey

- Vjax 1v1 with Tru, catches fade roue TD. Not bad coverage 38-6

- HD 80 yd TD on post route. Gholdson and Banks both thought the other made the tackle 38-13 Tampa

- Glennon all day to throw, scrambles around and falls down Osi gets sack

- Ryan with time, picked by Gholdson looking for HD. Looked like he didn't see Gholdson and was trying to make a play.

- Osi sack, coverage sack on 3rd down

- Tampa 41 yd FG 41-13 7:10 left in game

- Antone 50yd HB delay handoff TD and 2 pt conversion to Gonzo 41-21 5:22 left

- Failed onside kick

- Antone 38 yd run that he bounces outside

- McCoy low hit on Dominique Davis penalty and Ryan has to come back in

- Darius another wide open drop

- McCoy roughing the passer on Ryan

- Ryan to Roddy TD 41-28 Bucs


- So many mistakes in this game. We gave up sacks at bad times, we had too many turnovers, and we could not stop the run. Tampas Oline looked great today.

- Konz was terrible at RG. 3 sacks given up with 12:00 left in the 2nd half.

- On Raineys 2yd TD run up the middle, Travian rode his Olineman all the way to the left side of the field opening up a huge hole. He didn't get moved over there he was the one moving the lineman while not even looking into the backfield. I thought that play could and should have been a TFL on Rainey. Plays like this make me realize why his snaps numbers are down. He has the strength and power, but still seems pretty raw.

- Rainey ran great in this game. Dude is a solid runner and very hard to bring down. I remember having him in my fantasy league for this game.

- Darius had two drops in the game and you will see him make other drops throughout the season. That doesn't mean he has bad hands. Just an UDFA rookie getting used to the game. I still like his game. He separates well for being a slow WR and has made tough catches, but he has been overrated by some on the board. I've said it before but he reminds me alot of Jeremy Kerley who is a pretty underrated WR for the Jets.

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Good call on the Kerley stuff. That's the type of guy that helps an offense without getting much spotlight.

Yeah dude is a solid player. Probably best suited for the slot, but has ability to play outside because he can separate and he can catch balls away from his body. Thats one of the biggest problems I have with HD. He doesn't catch anything unless its near him. I rarely have seen him make any 1v1 catch on a ball thrown high or diving catches. Just not his skill set. It is Darius's though.

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