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2013 Week 8 Falcons @ Panthers

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- Kawaan Short beats Blalock inside TFL

- Alford pushes own teammate into Ted Ginn on Punt for a nice hit

- Cam zone read keeper DeCoud/Warriow TFL

- Heavy blitz on 3rd down Mass sacks Cam

- Keuchly picks off Ryan to Gonzo. Bad throw into triple coverage by Ryan

- Trufant pass inteference on Ted Ginn on 3rd down

- Tolbert TD up the middle Peters pushed to the ground on the play

- Tony 3 1st down catches

- Darius Johnson 1st down catch leads to Falcon FG 7-3 Carolina

- Dent shoots the gap and gets a TFL on Stewart

- We are blitzing Cam alot on 3rd down. He escapes Warrilow/Osi sack and gets the 1st down

- 3rd and short goal line defense is in. Peters is moved off the ball for first down

- Tru picks deep ball to Ginn. Bad throw by Cam. Trufants 1st career pick

- Holmes called for illegal formation

- Ginn returns punt 24 yds to our 35 yd line

- Peters hits Cam as he throws, but Cam is able to complete pass for 1st down.

- Warrilow stops Tolbert on 3rd and 1. Good play

- 4th and 1 Cam play actions finds Olsen wide open for TD. We sold out to stop the run 14-3 4:14 left in half

- HD 50yd deep in. Beats Cpt Munnerlyn

- 3rd and 3 Gonzo great catch on pass thrown behind him

- Gonzo TD on a seam route 14-10 Carolina 1:55 left

- Asante nice PBU on Steve Smith on out route

- Mass batted ball at LOS

- Babs pressures inside Peters and Mass near sack forces incompletion

- 3rd and 6 Olsen gets 1st down

- Alford outstanding toe tap pick in the back of the endzone. WR for Carolina ran the wrong route

- Mass stunts inside @ LDE and hits cam as he releases on 3rd down incompletion

- Carolina 55 yd FG 17-10 Carolina

- 3rd and 1 Konz and Reynolds beat Jackson stuffed for no gain

- Tru nice tackle @ LOS on Steve Smith

- Bartu illegal contact penalty

- Sjax tough run for 10-15 yards

- HD for 20 up the right seam. Ryan had good pass protection on this play

- Ryan to HD in triple coverage. Pass is deflected up and picked off. Not a smart throw

- 3rd and 5 blitz Cam again and he overthrows WR

- Dimarco destsroys Keuchly on 1 yard run by Quizz. He leveled the kid. Very cool

- Holmes beat by Charles Johnson Ryan great job escaping sack to gain 3 yards

- 3rd and 1 penalty 12 men on defense

- Lafell big gain, but Asante FF. Alford bobbles ball when trying to recover and it falls right back to Lafell on the ground

- Newton scores a rushing TD 24-10 Carolina 9:00 left

- Ryan throws a hitch route to Drew Davis that turns into pick 6 by Drayton Florence. Davis doesn't come back for the ball 31-10 Carolina 8:30 left

- Charles Johnson sacks Ryan. Coverage sack

- 3rd down Jerry facemasks Tolbert penalty

- Carolina runs the clock the rest of the game


- Ryan forced alot of throws into double/triple coverage today leading to 2 picks. The hitch to Davis i don't know if that is totally Davis fault or not. I do know that when college WR's get to the NFL, it is emphasized that you have to come back on hitch routes. You can't just stand in one spot.

- Run defense was very good in the first half. I don't know the exact yardage, but it was solid

- Protection actually wasn't horrific in this game as it will be the 2nd time we play Carolina. Don't get me wrong it wasn't great protection, but i'd say it was average to above average given the talented D line we played against.

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