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Pinned petition threads.. having an effect on NFL contract negotiations since 2014.

Maybe I should start a poll that we can get pinned, too.

What does TATF love more: petitions or nicknaming everything?

Trick question: the answer is mock drafts

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Signed. Roddy had his moments early on, but I will be damned if he didn't give his all to be the best he could be. Guy had "potential" as the draft pundits say, and after a few years of not living up to what he wanted to be he put in the work to be the best he could be. These guys deserve to get what is coming their way. He should retire a Falcon, period. Hard work deserves not only reward, but respect. He has mine. Not only does his development deserve respect but also his candor, honesty, open interaction, love to Falcons fans and reaching out and being an overall great ATL Falcon. Dude is a boss. I think he would, can be and will be a great guest analyst and guest speaker on future NFL/sports shows one day and it would be nice to have a guy on there who played his whole career as a Falcon as part of that.

Speaking of that, I would love for him to be sitting across Heath Evans one day on NFL network one day and just dive across the table and choke him out Jim Rome style.

Have I given enough reasons yet for him to retire a Falcon????

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Guest captfalcon

i want a championship. if roddy wants too much money or isnt the best option...sorry he gotta go. nfl is business. peyton didnt end with the colts, tony g didnt end with the chiefs, farves didnt end the packers..it is what it is

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