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Name The Veterans Who's Job May Be On The Line.


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I can see spoon, only if he's having trouble healing from his injury.

Babs definitely is on the outer it just all depends on the maturity rate of Hageman once he's up to speed Babs is goneski's.

Biermann because of the fact they have loaded up on LBers in the draft to me says the writing is on the wall.

Spoon has to prove he is versatile enough to become whatever is asked for me he's a pursuit blitzing LBer so it'll be interesting to see how he'll go playing inside.

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Since most people are naming 3, I'll do the same.

-Peria Jerry: No need to explain. Only reason otherwise would be because of depth.

-Cliff Matthews: .......................

-Akeem Dent: I think he fits better as a backup ILB in our 3-4 looks but Spruill, Smallwood, and even Shembo could take his spot on the inside.

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I'll go ahead and insert Swift's answers for him.

-Matt Ryan

-The guy from Boston College that this disorganized franchise drafted in 2008 to play (more like resemble a turtle with no shell) "quarterback."

-That guy who wears #2 who should really be sitting on the bench and then sitting on the bench some more if Dom Davis and Renfree are both hurt.

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